What is YOYOSKATE shop?

YOYOSKATE shop, born in 2005 with the Chinese name 柚子轮滑,started by Yoyo Huang and Jeffery Zheng after their study in university, is a skater-runned shop for all you need for inlineskating. In China we offer equipments, and make original blading videos, competitions, activities, skating lessons, coach training programs, etc.. 


Yoyo Huang and Jeff, who fell in love with inline-skating during their university time, are founders of YOYOSKATE - and today they are still working on it. Yoyo is mainly in charge of designing, marketing and communicating, and Jeff of sales and production.


(Founders of YOYOSKATE, Yoyo Huang and Jeffery Zheng)



We have a core team of around 30 skaters, each with their own roles to play. For many years, we just developed in China,  and this online shop is our first step to reach the international market.



Here is our office, where we deal with all the products, orders, development of products. 


In 2022, our own brand YOYOSKATE was officially launched with a new image, with frames and other related products and accessories. There will be more surprise awaiting. 

We would like to thank everyone who tries to support us with your trust.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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